Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Wild Animals of the South (Flying Eye Books)

Flying Eye Books publishes some of the most visually stunning children's books I have ever witnessed. Today, I would like to tell you about Wild Animals of the South,  the follow-up book to Wild Animals of the North. The book is about a 300 mm x 238 mm hardback book, which is illustrated by Dieter Braun. It focuses on animals found in Africa, South America, Asia, and Australia and divides the book into those four sections. Each animal is given its name, Latin genus and species, a gorgeous illustration that takes up one or two pages, and then some of the animals get an accompanying paragraph that provides an interesting fact about the specific animal. For example, "The more nourished and strong a lion is, the darker, thicker, and longer their mane appears."
Within this book, your children will meet lions and tigers, hippos and monkeys, and might even spot a flamingo or two. The detail and color with the illustrations are meticulous and jaw-dropping. I said it with the last book, and it stands true with this one as well. The book reminds me of Audubon's illustrations and transport you to the different locations these animals would be found. It will certainly capture your child's imagination, engender in them a love of wildlife, and instruct them on animals they might not ever be exposed to otherwise. I cannot recommend this two book series anymore highly, and I firmly believe this collection belongs in every child's library.
This book was provided to me for free by Flying Eye Books in exchange for an honest review.