Monday, April 10, 2017

Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer Book (Pauline Books and Media)

Sacred Heart of Jesus Prayer Book is another prayer book from Pauline Books and Media in their Catholic Treasury Series. Like its companion book, Holy Spirit Prayer Book, this is a small leatherette book with gold-edged pages. The book is divided into the following parts:

1. Everyday Prayers
2. Morning Prayers
3. Evening Prayers
4. Prayers to the Sacred Heart of Jesus
5. Novena to the Sacred Heart
6. A Weekly Devotion to the Sacred Heart
7. Chaplet to the Sacred Heart
8. The Twelve Promises of Jesus to Saint Margaret
9. The Enthronement of the Sacred Heart
10. Prayers From the Saints
11. The First Friday Devotion
12. The Sacred Heart and the Holy Eucharist
13. The Sacred Heart and the Divine Mercy Devotion
14. The Sacred Heart and Precious Blood of Jesus
15. The Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Immaculate Heart of Mary

The prayer book starts out like a typical prayer book with prayers that any good Catholic will recognize. The meat of the prayer book comes next with a mixture of prayer, devotion, history, and explanation. You not only learn prayers in this book, but you also learn why these prayers came into being and the promises Jesus made for having devotion to His Sacred Heart. You will also learn about the significance of the Sacred Heart in relation to the Virgin Mary's Immaculate Heart. This is a very important book that belongs in your library if you are a Catholic. Before reading through this book, I only knew the very basics about the Sacred Heart, but after reading through it I feel much more enriched. This is the perfect book to take with you to Adoration or just to pray with around the house. Highly recommended!

This book was provided to me for free by Pauline Books and Media in exchange for an honest review.