Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Holy Spirit Prayer Book (Pauline Books and Media)

Prayer books are an essential part of any Catholic library. I cannot tell you how many different ones I own, but I treasure each one of them. Today, I would like to tell you about one of the latest ones from Pauline Books and Media, called Holy Spirit Prayer Book. The book is a small red leatherette book with gold trimmed pages that fits easily in a pocket. It is divided into several parts - Everyday Prayers, Morning Prayers, Evening Prayers, Novena in Preparation for the Feast of Pentecost, Chaplet of the Holy Spirit, The Holy Spirit Rosary, Litany of the Holy Spirit, Praying with the Holy Spirit in Scripture, Various Prayers, and Latin Prayers and Hymns.

The everyday prayers are ones we know - the Sign of the Cross, the Morning Offering, the Angelus, the Lord's Prayer, the Hail Mary, and other recognizable ones. This serves as a good basis for all prayers that will follow in this book. Of special interest to me was the Holy Spirit Rosary. I have been trying to pray the Rosary more during this Lent, and this version of it uses the following five mysteries:

1. Jesus is conceived of the Blessed Virgin Mary through the power of the Holy Spirit
2. The Spirit of the Lord descends upon Jesus at His Baptism
3. Jesus is led by the Holy Spirit into the desert and is tempted by the devil
4. The Holy Spirit descends upon the Apostles
5. The Holy Spirit dwells within You

The rosary is somewhat familiar in that you will recognize a lot of the mysteries, but it is also somewhat new. That is how I felt throughout this whole book. We say a lot of prayers as Catholics, but unfortunately most of them aren't said to the Holy Spirit. As I have said time and time again, the Holy Spirit is the forgotten member of the Holy Trinity. It is easy to pray to the Father, because we understand the concept of a father. It is easy to pray to Jesus, because He became human, and we can relate to that. It is hard to understand the Holy Spirit, so that is why we have a hard time praying to Him. That's my theory at least. I invite you to pick up a copy of this book, and let's change the trend of neglect of the Holy Spirit. He is a powerful intercessor and ally to have.

This book was provided to me for free by Pauline Books and Media in exchange for an honest review.