Friday, February 10, 2017

The Yes of Jesus Christ (Crossroad Publishing

The Yes of Jesus Christ is a short book by Joseph Ratzinger that offers reflections on faith, hope, and love. In the first part, the book begins with the question, "Is faith an attitude worthy of a modern and mature human being?" The answer is an obvious yes, but Ratzinger goes on to explain that there are three elements of everyday faith. 1. Its always directed to someone who "knows" the matter at hand. 2. Trust of the majority who in their daily use of things are able to build less on the substantial knowledge that should lie behind such use. 3. A certain verification of knowledge in my everyday experience. The book then agnosticism asking if it is a viable solution (Clearly no), and pauses to reflect on true wisdom. Natural knowledge of God and supernatural faith is then examined.

The second part of the book takes us back to the 1970s to focus on "the optimism of the modern age and Christian hope." This leads to him listing three Biblical examples of the nature of Christian hope - the Prophet Jeremiah, the Revelation of John, and the Sermon on the Mount. Part Three wraps up focusing on both hope and love, because the two belong together. Therefore, he discusses the essential nature of love, love and the Cross, and agape love. The book then ends with two sermons, which tie together faith and love, the first one focusing on inheriting eternal life and the other on the feast of St. Henry. Like most of Ratzinger's works, this is not one you casually skim or breeze through. This is one that you take the time to read and digest, and then re-read it, because if you're like me you missed a bunch your first time through.

This book was provided to me for free by Crossroad Publishing in exchange for an honest review.