Thursday, February 9, 2017

Nerdy Inventions (Mayday Games)

Today, I'm reviewing another game published by Mayday Games called Nerdy Inventions. In Nerdy Inventions you and your opponents are inventors trying to compete to build the best inventions which can produce the most abilities and score the most points. The game plays 2-4 players, age 8+. It takes about 30 minutes to play and retails for $20.

1. Form the Invention Row by arranging the Dice Value Cards in descending value from six to one.
2. Give each player the Starting Invention Card corresponding to their player number. The card is placed face up in front of the player to form their Laboratory.
3. Every player, except the starting player, is also given a Tool Card.
4. Shuffle the Invention Cards to form the Invention Deck. Then, deal one card face-up under each Dice Value Card.
Game Play - A turn consists of three phases:
1. Roll three dice
2. Take any of four possible actions in any order as many times as you are able and wish to:
a) Build an invention
b) Use an invention
c) Charge an invention
d) Swap a card in the invention row
3. Refill the invention row

If a player uses a certain level five card ability, the game ends immediately. Otherwise, once the last card from the invention deck is dealt to the invention row, players keep taking turns until it is the start player's turn, so that everyone has the same number of turns. You then add up points on each invention and tool card in your laboratory. If you have a set of seven or more different kinds of inventions, you score bonus points.

Nerdy Inventions is a quick little filler game that focuses on dice manipulation and engine building. With each invention that you build, you unlock more powers such as increasing/decreasing dice values, re-rolling dice, swapping inventions, and even splitting up the value of a die to make two dice. The game plays quick, and it is pretty easy to both learn and teach. There is also a little bit of the luck factor, as with all dice game, but that is mitigated over time with your inventions. The artwork and inventions are steampunk in theme, which is an oft-visited theme, but not overpowering in this since. What I would have liked is the inventions to have names. Sure, you can name yourself, but it felt like the game was incomplete without them. Overall, I would recommend this game for casual gamers and families. I'm not sure I'd pay retail for it, but if it was on sale, it be worth checking out as it's quick, portable, and fun.

This game was provided to me for free by Mayday Games in exchange for an honest review.