Monday, August 19, 2013

Tiny Saints Product Review and GIVEAWAY

A little over one month ago, I was looking to buy a birthday present for a friend's four year old girl. As a little background, I like to give religious gifts. I refer to them as gifts for the soul. The practice isn't always popular, but this gift was going to a good Catholic family, so I knew it would be appreciated. I just had to find the perfect gift! So I racked my brain, and I scoured the Catholic stores on the Internet to no avail. About to give up, I decided to try to start Googling for gift ideas, and while I don't remember what I exactly typed in, my search led me to Tiny Saints!

You might be asking yourself, "what are Tiny Saints?" Tiny Saints are THE coolest charm/necklace/gift/invention ever! At the time that I placed my order, you paid $9.95 (no shipping and handling) and you received a charm of a saint, a cord on which to wear them, and an ID tag that told you all about the saint. I ordered Rose of Lima for my friend's daughter, and let Tiny Saint founder, Joe, know that I run a Catholic review blog and would post a review of Tiny Rose of Lima after the party. He was gracious enough to send me a few extra saints, but he asked me to hold my review  until he released the new line of Tiny Saints   I am not a patient person, and I have been biding my time since June to sing the praises of these products, but upon seeing the new line of products, I now know why he wanted me to wait!

Tiny Saints have recently added a slew of products to their collection. They now offer charms for the Virgin Mary, Sts. Joseph, Patrick, Jude, Christopher, Blesseds John Paul II and Teresa of Calcutta, and perhaps one of the coolest...Pope Francis! However, they also have products other than charms; you can get a Saint Bracelet (also comes in all girl variety) or a Rosary in black or full-color. In addition to adding these great new products, they have also managed to make their products more affordable! Now, you can buy the charm and cord separately; that way you don't end up with 50 cords if you're like me and plan on collecting them all. So what was originally a $9.95 product is now a $5 if you just buy the charm. This just went from being a bargain to a STEAL!

Besides the price and selection, another great thing about Tiny Saints  is the versatility they offer. Don't get me wrong, I love my Tiny Saint Paul necklace and have been faithfully wearing him since I received him, using him as both a conversation piece and witnessing tool. However, you can put the Tiny Saints around more than just your neck. With the wholesale option, the Principal or Director of Religious Education can order the school's Patron Saint, and distribute them to the children to hang on their backpacks. You could put Tiny Saint Francis around your pet's collar or hang Tiny Saint Christopher in your cars for safe travels. The possibilities are really endless. I even saw one lady replace her Monopoly tokens with Tiny Saints, and that got me to thinking...

When I was little, I played chess in tournaments, and you always had to bring your own chess board and chess pieces. How cool would it be for the men on your chess board to be Tiny Saints? Jesus would be the King, of course. Mary would be the Queen. For Bishops, you could have Pope Francis (the Bishop of Rome) and/or St. Nicholas (the bishop who slapped Arius!). For Knights, I was thinking two Tiny Saint Georges. I haven't figured out who to use for the Castles/Rooks yet, and Pawns could be any of the Tiny Saints really.

I really, really, REALLY LOVE this product.  The only disappointment I have is that I wasn't creative enough to come up with it first. :) Tiny Saints are high quality products, and the customer service is second-to-none. Two things impress me most about the company. 1. They pulled one of the Tiny Saints because its quality wasn't up to their standards, and they didn't want to ship an inferior product. 2. They are making it a goal to produce every suggested/requested saint by customers. I'm still holding out hope for St. Dismas. :) For a full line of products (coming in October), click here. To show my love for this product and to share some of the wealth, I am giving one of my readers a Tiny Saint Rosary (pictured to the left). Use the Rafflecopter entry form below, and you could be the winner. Winner must live in the United States and will be notified August 29th (The Feast of the Martyrdom of St. John the Baptist).

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