Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pauline Books and Media: Braving the Storm

Today in the Children's Corner, we're looking at Volume 2 of the Gospel Time Trekkers series. As you recall, last week we looked at Volume 1: Shepherds to the Rescue, where our young adventurers Hannah, Caleb, and Noah traveled backwards in time to Bethlehem when Jesus was 30 years old. They didn't get to meet him in that book but met a shepherd named Benjamin and his family. Let's see where Volume 2: Braving the Storm takes them.

The story's beginning reminds me of The Chronicles of Narnia. Caleb, the middle child and narrator, reminisces about the adventure with his siblings in Bethlehem (as read in Book 1: Shepherds to the Rescue)  and is trying desperately to get back to the past. After multiple failed attempts of trying to re-create the same scenario that allowed them to originally travel to the time of Jesus, they eventually discover a new route to the past. However, things are different than their first adventure...

Instead of making it back to Bethlehem, they are now situated in Sogane, a town which is very far north of Bethlehem. Like the first story when they met Benjamin, the children are once again fortunate enough to meet a kind young traveling companion named Levi. Levi, like Benjamin, has a story to share with the young Time Trekkers about his connection with Jesus. He was not only present for a miracle Jesus performed, but was integral to the miracle occurring. You might be able to deduce the miracle to which I am referring, but if not, you'll have to read the book to find out.

Like the first book, there is a bit of adventure when Levi allows the Time Trekkers to journey with him. There is also a good lesson in the book as Caleb learns about respecting and listening to his father. Different from the first story is the intention of the children. With a better understanding of the time travel gift that has been bestowed on them, they now have a goal of meeting Jesus. This definitely represents a child's mindset of fearlessness. I'm not sure how many adults would have that goal, or if they would be too scared to approach Him. You're going to have to read the book to find out if they meet Him.

I am thoroughly enjoying this well-written series. Each book subtly teaches your children different stories of the New Testament and makes them feel like they are living the events in the book. This is the mark of a great story and storyteller. You are definitely going to want to pick up this 5-star book as well as the other books in the Gospel Time Trekkers series. Tune in next Saturday for my review of Volume 3 Danger at Sea.

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