Saturday, August 24, 2013

Pauline Books and Media: Danger at Sea

Good afternoon one and all. I'm back here in the Children's Corner, and I have mixed feelings today. We have reached Book 3 in the Gospel Time Trekkers series, Danger at Sea, which is exciting. However, I have to now wait for the next three to be published, which is several months away. For those of you who know me or read my blog regularly, I am NOT a patient person. If this is your first time checking out my blog or hearing about the Gospel Time Trekkers, check out my reviews of the first two volumes, Shepherds to the Rescue and Braving the Storm.

Our story opens up with the three young adventurers trying to avoid weeding a garden (Who can blame them?!) by making another trip back to the time of Jesus. After several silly and failed attempts of rolling down a mini-hill, they realize that their attempts are not working and, after some normal bickering among siblings over who will weed what, they begin the tedious task of weeding the garden. However, just as they begin their task, they are unexpectedly whisked back to Jesus' time.

As one can infer by the book cover and the title, this is a story about fishermen. The children are once again in a different Biblical town than their previous adventures. This one is called Gennesaret where Lake Gennesaret is located. This lake also is referred to as Lake Tiberias or the Sea of Galilee. Jesus did many miracles and signs in this area, including healing many diseased people (Matthew 14:34-36). Unlike the other stories, the people the children meet don't have direct Biblical counterparts, but instead are just an average family of fisherman that you would find in Jesus' day.

I enjoyed this story because it gives your children a good mental picture of what the life of a fisherman might have been like in Jesus' time. This is important to me because at least 1/3 of Jesus' Apostles were fisherman, so next time they hear a story from the Bible on Peter, Andrew, James, or John, they can make the connection. They could also think about the miracles Jesus performed like calming the sea or the miraculous catch of fish the Apostles had after fishing all night and not catching anything.

I also enjoy how at the end of the story the children are more mature than the beginning. This shows personal growth and how Jesus will transform your life, in small ways and large ways, if you let Him. With the right mix of past, present, history, and Bible this is another 5 star book in the Gospel Time Trekkers series. The only disappoint me I have with the series is that I have to wait several months to see how it concludes.

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