Saturday, February 2, 2013

Children's Corner: The Three Trees

Today in the Children's Corner at Stuart's Study, I have a treat for you. I am reviewing The Three Trees adapted by Father Gabriel Ringlet and illustrated by Sister Danielle Oh. This product like, past Children's Corner product was sent to me courtesy of Pauline Books and Media. Adapted from a traditional Lebanese folktale, "The 3 Trees" is intended for children ages 3-7, but will delight the parent(s) reading this story as well.

In this tiny hardback book, we meet three little trees who all have big dreams about what they want to be when they grow up. I personally like to think of the trees as three brothers, but that's just me. The first tree has a desire to be a treasure chest, and hold the world's greatest treasure. The second tree wants to be a mighty ship. And the last tree wants to be the tallest tree, so that he can be close to God. I won't tell you how the book ends, but as in life, God answers our requests, just not always like we imagined in our request. He always gives us exactly what we need. We just don't always realize it until we get it. This is the same lesson these three trees learn.

I truly loved this book and the lesson that it teaches readers young and old. The illustrations are beautifully done as well. Each tree's face shows off a little bit of their personality, and the illustrations really help the story come alive for the young reader. Pick up a copy of this 5 star book and teach your child about hopes and dreams and to always trust God's plan for us even when they don't understand it. In fact, it will always be so much better than we could have ever imagined.