Saturday, February 16, 2013

Children's Corner: Thank You, Dear God!

Today in the Children's Corner, I'm reviewing another wonderful product from Pauline Books and Media called Thank You, Dear God! This book is written by Mary Elizabeth, Tebo, FSP and is illustrated by Lorella Flamini. It is intended for children ages 0-5.

Do you find yourself struggling to pray? Do you say the same memorized prayers over and over again, or does spontaneous prayer leave you looking for words? Imagine how your children feel. In this padded hardcover book, your children will learn to give thanks to God for every aspect of their lives. I also personally love that the pages are made of sturdy cardboard so that this book will last for more than one child.

With the assistance of cute illustrations of mice, puppies, kittens, and other cute animals, your children can listen to or pray along with these short sentence prayers. On each page of this great book of gratitude, your children learn to not only be thankful for earthly treasures like good friends, but they also grow in appreciation of God Himself by learning that He is always there and always watching over them. These short prayers will touch your children's hearts as well as yours. We are called to have the faith of a child, and this book reminded me to be thankful to God in both the large things and the small things.

My wife and I adored this book in every way possible, and even Grammy raved about it. You and your child will love this 5 star book, as well as the similar style book Growing in Love. Watch for that review next week, and pick up both of these sturdy books for you and yours!