Thursday, December 22, 2016

Suspicion (Wonder Forge)

It's tough to be a jewel thief. Not only do you have to be good with your hands, you also have to be quick-witted. Imagine your delight when you were invited to a party at this luxurious mansion. Imagine all the jewels, you'll be able to steal. However, upon arrival, you notice familiar faces. These aren't people you've robbed from before, but fellow jewel thieves. You must not only identify these rivals, but you also steal more gems than them. This is SuspicionSuspicion is a game for 2-6 players, ages 10+. It retails for $20 at Target.

1. Lay out the game board.
2. Randomly place one Guest Mover in each of the outer ten rooms on the game board.
3. Make three stacks of gem tiles, one for each type of gem. (Note: The size of the stack depends on the number of players.)
4. Shuffle the Invitation Cards and deal one face-down to each player. This is their secret identity.
5. Shuffle the Action Cards and deal two face-down to each player.
6. Give each player a Deduction Sheet, pencil, and a Yes card and No card.

Game Play - Each turn consists of a Movement Phase and an Action Phase.
1. Movement - Roll the dice to determine which two guests you will move into an adjacent room. (Note: The ? is wild and you can pick who to move.)
2. Action - Choose one of the two Action Cards in your hand and play it face-up. Carry out both actions on the card (in any order). When done, discard the card and draw one card to replace it.
3. Play then moves to the next player.

Game End
The game ends when one of the gem stacks is empty. Each player then makes their best guess on the identities of all the other players. Players will then reveal their Invitation Card for scoring purposes.

1. Score seven points for each other player you guess correctly.
2. Score six points for each set of three types of gems.
3. Score one point for every remaining gem.

Suspicion is a nice introductory game of deduction. It is fun to play with kids and other family members as well. The length of the play and fun nature of rolling dice and moving characters makes this a game that you can play a couple of times in a row and not grow tired of its simple mechanics. The nature of the dice rolls gives you ever-moving characters, I really liked the chunky and colorful wooden dice and player pawns. They could have easily done generic pawns or cardboard and plastic standees, but they spent the extra money and made this a treat for your eyes and your hands. I can't wait until my son is just a little bit bigger, so I can play this with him.

This game was provided to me for free by Wonder Forge in exchange for an honest review.