Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Really Bad Art (Wonder Forge)

In sticking with my Wonder Forge reviews this week, today I am looking at Really Bad ArtReally Bad Art is a Win, Lose, or Draw like game for 3-6 players, ages 12. It retails for $20 at Target.

1. Lay out the game board.
2. Choose a mover and take the seven guessing tokens that match your mover color.
3. Take a pencil and a few sheets of paper from the drawing pad.
4. Place all the movers on the starting space.
5. Place the timer and card box near the game board.
Game Play
1. Give every player a card face-down, but don't look at the card yet.
2. One player selects purple or orange, and that will be the clue on each player's card that they must draw.
3. Press the button on the timer. Wait for three beeps and a ding, then look at your card and start drawing. (Note: The timer only last six seconds.)
4. The player who picked the color collects all the cards (keeping them face-down) and draws one decoy card. Shuffle them together and turn them face up, putting one under each letter on the game board. Then, put all the drawings in the middle of the table.
5. Every player places their guessing tokens face-down on the drawings (including their own).
6. One by one each player turns over the tokens on their drawing to show the correct letter.

1. Players get two points for putting the correct token on a drawing (not counting their own).
2. The artist of each drawing gets one point for every player (not counting himself) who correctly identified his drawing.
3. Play ends at the end of a round when someone reaches the Finish space. If multiple players reach the Finish space in the same round, the one who made it furthest past the Finish space is the winner.

This game is a mix of Win, Lose, or Draw and Dixit. You only have six seconds, so you need to be quick to try and draw a coherent picture so that people will be able to identify your picture correctly. This will benefit not only them, but you as well. I like the party aspect of this game, because it is the easiest genre of games to teach and the one that new gamers or your extended family or most willing to play. However, I think the time given should have been a little bit longer, perhaps 10-15 seconds. Overall, this is a game my wife loved more than I did. I'm not a big fan of drawing or drawing games, but this one at least seems to level the playing field with the time limit. I would play this if asked, but it is not one that I would seek out.

This game was provided to me for free by Wonder Forge in exchange for an honest review.