Monday, November 14, 2016

Prayer Works! (Our Sunday Visitor)

Prayer is something I really wish I was better at. Every time I sit down to pray, instead of quieting my mind, it immediately starts to wander. Sometimes, it is merely idle thoughts of nothingness, and worse times it is like Satan is attacking me and making me think wicked thoughts. I have read a multitude of books on the matter, and they all help to some degree or another, but only for so long. That doesn't stop me from reading more books on the subject. Today, I would like to tell you about Prayer Works! by Matthew Leonard.

The book begins with a Foreword by Dr. Scott Hahn, which introduces us to the author and tells us why he is qualified to write this book. Chapters then follow that answer questions like why we should pray, what prayer is, how it works, etc. There are also chapters that talk about the different ways to pray, including talking to God, meditation, contemplation, and just silence. The chapter I found the most useful was "How to Progress." This is always a struggle for me, but Matthew Leonard gives the advice to persevere, stay humble, embrace suffering, and go to Penance.

Prayer Works! is a short work at only 150+ pages, but it offers sound and practical advice for people in the beginning stages of their prayer life or those looking to go a little bit deeper. This book won't immediately make you a saint who prays without ceasing, but if you follow the advice in the book, it will get you on the right path.