Friday, August 26, 2016

The Love that Made Mother Teresa (Sophia Institute Press)

The Love that Made Mother Teresa begins by speaking of Mother Teresa's beatification and the profound impact she had on each of the four popes she met. The next chapters then discuss what makes a saint, how she became a saint (the miracles she performed), and how some saints are different, i.e., saints with a global message, not just a local saint. The next section of the book focuses on her childhood, formative years, her entry into the convent, and it even compared her to St. Therese of Lisieux. The section after this deals primarily with the Mother Teresa we all knew and loved. We see her forming the Missionary Sisters of Charity and helping the poor. What was most interesting to me was the chapter that showed a start contrast between the war that was going on globally and Mother Teresa helping those with peace and love. The closing section deals with the darkness that Mother Teresa experienced at the end of her life. This is a very personal and hard to read section, but it is a truth worth reading.

This book is a mixture of biography and spiritual guidance. It not only tells of her life on earth, but also tells about the lasting impact she left on the lives of everyone she touched. What's even more impressive is the impact she had on people like me, who never had a chance to meet her, but were inspired by her life and work from afar. This is a book that all who love Mother Teresa should read. It is definitely worth picking up and reading before she becomes a saint on September 4th.

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