Saturday, March 30, 2013

Children's Corner: My First Communion Remembrance Book

The Triduum is quickly coming to an end, and the glorious feast of Easter is rapidly approaching. In these past few days, we have received the sacraments of the Eucharist and Holy Orders. Some people at tonight's Easter Vigil will receive Baptism, Confirmation, and Communion for the first time. I'm not sure how everyone's diocese does it, but our 2nd Graders receive their First Communion closer to the end of the school year. We record so many important secular events in our children's life, but we should also record the spiritual moments as well. Pauline Books and Media has you covered for their First Communion with the My First Communion Remembrance Book written by Joan Marie Arbogast and illustrated by Veronica Walsh.

At approximately the size of an 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper, "My First Communion Remembrance Book" has plenty of room to store all your child's memories of their important Sacramental milestone. Unlike a baby book, which the parent fills and completes, there are ample pages for your children to help fill out. These include pages to draw/color on and places for the child to get signatures of  other students in their First Communion class.

The book also has a nice focus on community. There are several pages to list people who helped your child prepare for their Sacrament, who attended their Sacrament, and who were there to celebrate with you afterward. I love that there is also a part for your child's First Reconciliation. So many people forget that their child receives this important sacrament too. There is nothing wrong with being a Eucharistic people, but we must remember that in order to receive Jesus' Body and Blood we must be free of mortal sin, and the only way we are is through Reconciliation.

Lastly in this book, there's a section of stories and prayers. The stories are beautifully illustrated and contain Bible passages which prefigure the Eucharist, including "Manna in the Desert," "Elijah the Prophet: God Provides," "Jesus Multiplies Loaves and Fishes," and many more. This is a wonderful book to mark an important moment in your child's journey toward salvation. Every feature of this book that you fill out, with your kid's help of course, shows them that this matters, and isn't just some to do list item to be checked off to be considered Catholic. It easily gets a 5 star review from me.

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