Saturday, March 2, 2013

Children's Corner: Growing in Love

Today in the Children's Corner, I'm reviewing another amazing book from Pauline Books and Media called Growing in Love. This book is written by Marilyn Evangelina Monge, FSP and is illustrated by Lorella Flamini, the same illustrator of Thank You, Dear God! It is intended for children ages 0-5.

How do you teach your child to be more like Jesus? Do you read Bible stories to them and try to relate them as best you can to young minds? This isn't a bad strategy, but they many times go over children's heads, and we are left trying to explain it in kid language. Enter this book!

Using cute animals, scripture passages, and prayer, your child will learn about a dozen different virtues including love, forgiveness, patience, and many more. So many books that try to teach our kids to be virtuous provide lofty examples they cannot relate to at all. This book provides simple ideas on how they can apply the specific virtue they just learned about. "I can take care of my toys. I can put them away when I'm done playing with them." "I can be honest even if I've done something wrong."

This is a great chunky book for kids. The pages are a sturdy cardboard, so it should last for multiple kids, which is always a plus. So pick up this 5 star book from Pauline Books and Media and check out the rest of their kids section too. They really do have some of the finest selection of kids books for Catholics.