Saturday, January 5, 2013

Children's Corner: Forever You: A Book About Your Soul and Body

Welcome back to the Children's Corner of Stuart's Study, brought to you by Pauline Books and Media, my #1 choice of publishers for Catholic children's books. Today, I am reviewing Forever You: A Book About Your Soul and Body, which was written by Nicole Lataif and illustrated by Mary Rojas. This book is intended for children ages 4 to 8.

The soul is a very hard to understand no matter what age you are. However, for kids, it is darn near impossible. For kids ages 4 to 8, if they can't see something, then it is hard for them to accept it as true. How then do you explain to them about a part of their being that they cannot and will not ever see? This book attempts to do just that.

Forever You starts off by differentiating people from animals and explaining plainly that we are God's only creatures with souls. It then explains about the different parts of our bodies, such as hands or feet, and what they are used for. These physical body parts are then contrasted with the soul so that your child learns what their soul is able to do. Lastly, the book explains the eternal nature of the soul and how it's ultimate and desired destination is Heaven and unity with God.

This book gets 5 out 5 stars from me. Ms. Lataif did a wonderful job explaining a difficult subject and putting it in terms that children can understand. It is definitely a book I am thankful to have in my library now as I know that I could not have explained the subject of the soul better if I tried. Ms. Rojas also did an excellent job illustrating this book. I especially like that it is multi-racial and has people of all ages in it.