Friday, October 19, 2012

No Catholic Religious Education Lesson Plan Today

To my faithful Catechists who turn here for lesson ideas, I have nothing to offer you this week. So I will share a story with you. Last week, was a DISASTER. My wife got faint in Church so I stayed with her instead of teaching last week. I let our Catechist leader know, and she and I both assumed my aide would be there to teach the lesson plan I left her.

WRONG! Never assume. The aide didn't show either but didn't let our Catechist leader know. So the 7th grade "angels" basically locked themselves in the room for 30 minutes. Never trust a 7th grader to do the right thing and go to the 6th or 8th Grade teacher and let them know there is no teacher. UGH TEENAGERS! Or tweenagers...whatever they are called these days.

This week is Child Protection Sunday, so I have to do my favorite lesson plan, which involves having that awkward safety talk with the kids about good secrets and bad secrets, good touch and bad touch, at a 7th grade level. The kids hate this talk, but not as much as I. However, it is a necessary task in the climate we are in. Tune in next week. Maybe, I'll have a funny story to share or a great resource to use to help teaching your children. Blessings and prayers to the other Catechists who have taught, are teaching this week, or have to teach this class in the coming weeks.