Thursday, May 25, 2017

New Testament and Psalms (Pauline Books and Media)

I am convinced that my postal carrier does not like me. I have never met them, and probably never will, as I am never home when they deliver, but I think they just don't like the amount of packages I receive every month. The other day I came home to a package crammed half-in and half-out of my mail box, and after getting over my initial frustration, I carefully eased it out and opened it up to discover a Bible inside. I wonder if they would have been so thoughtless had they known they were haphazardly cramming the Word of God into a slot that it didn't fit in. Today, I would like to tell you about this Bible I received to review.

Recently, Pauline Books and Media published a Bible containing the New Testament and Psalms. If they had included the book of Proverbs in it, you would think that the Gideons converted to Catholicism. :) The Bible is a 6" x 4" black leatherette with gold edges and two ribbons for marking your place. The edition used is the New American Bible: Revised Edition (NABRE), which is what you will here in Mass every Sunday. It is also approximately 1300 pages long, which I thought was pretty meaty for just the New Testament and Psalms, but when you open it up, you find a nice readable font and copious amounts of footnotes. At the beginning of each book is an introduction on the passage and an outline for each book. At the end of every book is detailed footnotes that are almost enough to be considered verse-by-verse.

This is a very attractive Bible and feels great in your hands, holding and reading it. I like that it contains just the New Testament and Psalms, as this might be more encouraging and approachable for people to actually pick up and read. The only thing I don't like about this particular version is the page thinness. I understand that pages are almost always thin in Bibles, but these seem thinner than normal and can make it a strain to read at a times as the text sometimes bleed through on the pages. If you are used to this with other Bibles, then this won't bother you at all. If you are looking for a quality New Testament at a fair price, then I encourage you to pick this one up and read from it every day.

This Bible was provided to me for free by Pauline Books and Media in exchange for an honest review.