Friday, February 26, 2016

Extraordinary Migrations (Capstone)

Educational picture books are some of my favorite books to read with my son. Not only does he learn something (without realizing it), but the pictures in the book are usually stunning. The books I am telling you about today are a perfect example of that are part of the "Extraordinary Migration" series from Capstone.

When Crabs Cross the Sand tells the migration story of one red crab (out of millions) on Christmas Island who once a year migrates toward the Indian Ocean. It begins with a female crab waking up after being tucked in her burrow for winter. With the rainy season beginning, all the crabs are waking up and heading to the ocean. The journey takes approximately a week and is perilous. When they arrive at the ocean, they must dive in or else risk drying out. Afterwards, a male crab and female crab mate. The male then returns to the forest, and the female crab waits for the moon and tide to be just right so she (and all other female crabs) can lay their eggs in the ocean. The female crab heads back to the forest and the eggs immediately hatch. Those that are not eaten by fish grow for one month in the ocean, and then they instinctively head to the forest.

When Whales Cross the Sea tells the migration story of one gray whale who makes the longest migration of any mammal in the world, travelling 5000 to 7000 miles. It is October in the Arctic with feeding season almost over. This female whale must make her way south to warmer waters. Before the journey, she eats nonstop for several days - over one ton a day. The journey is dangerous, and because of that, the whale never stops swimming, not even to eat. The migration takes 60 days, which is amazing, because shortly after the journey ends, she gives birth to a calf. At a "small" 1,000 pounds, he must put on a lot more weight, because he will have to make the return journey with his mother in a few months. He drinks about 50 gallons of milk a day and can gain approximately 60 pounds a day.

Each book tells a fascinating story with very detailed and real-to-life illustrations. At the end of each book is a glossary, fact page, and suggestions for further reading. The age range for these books is 5-8, so you will probably have to read them with your kids, but that's okay because you'll enjoy them as much as they do. I know I did! There are two other books in this series - When Penguins Cross the Ice and When Butterflies Cross the Sky. I haven't read them, but I am sure they are as great as these two are.

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