Friday, November 27, 2015

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Color Sundays Gift Box Set (Fantagraphics)

Going to Disney World is an expensive, but exciting endeavor. There are many tips and tricks to saving money, including but not limited to booking during off-peak times; getting a special discount like a resort discount or free meal plan, or buying gift cards at 5% off at Target or Sam's Club. Those simple tips and tricks will get you there cheaper, but what about when you get there? The amount and variety of souvenirs you can get there is staggering. I'd recommend going to a Disney outlet or any retail store that sells Disney merchandise and stocking up on some things and save yourself money that way too. But what do you get the Disney book lover in your house? What I'm recommending, you won't find in any outlet or retail store. Instead, I recommend you check out Fantagraphics for their EXTENSIVE collection of comics featuring Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Uncle Scrooge!

Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse Color Sundays Gift Box Set is the complete full-color run of Sunday Mickey comic strips, as drawn by Floyd Gottfredson. The books begin with introductory material, publicity material, an essay about Gottfredson, and then delves into individual story arcs. Before each story arc, there is an introduction that sets the stage for the strip(s) and storyline. One will notice that there are a great deal of "gag strips" which standalone and don't develop any further. However, there are some great stories in both volumes. Some of those stories include:

Dan the Dogcatcher
Mickey's Nephews
Rumplewatt the Giant
Hoppy the Kangaroo
Mickey's Rival
The Robin Hood Adventure
The Brave Little Tailor

Everyone should know The Brave Little Tailor, as it is based on a Grimm fairy tale and is where Mickey kills seven flies with one blow, but the townsfolk believe he was bragging about killing seven giants with one blow! That is both a beloved comic strip and animated cartoon. My favorite selection, however, was The Robin Hood Adventure. In this ongoing strip, Mickey joins Robin Hood's band of Merry Men. I'm a sucker for Robin Hood, so this was a whimsical and delightful strip. At the end of each book is supplementary material that is primarily composed of gallery features and behind the scenes looks. There are also some closing words by Gottfredson which put a nice bow on this hardcover package. As Mickey Mouse fans, I can say that my wife and I truly loved these comic strips, and they make a unique gift for the Mickey fan who thinks they have everything.

Be sure to check out other comic strip publications from Fantagraphics including their Disney selection and Peanuts selection. If you're like me, you'll find so many books you want/need that you'd be smart to join their 20/20 club, which gets you 20% off all orders for a year and free shipping...all for only $20! You can also hold off until Cyber Monday and get 40% off your entire order! Both great deals for great, quality books!

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