Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Gospel Time Trekkers Vols. 4, 5, and 6 (Pauline Books and Media)

Late last year, Pauline Books and Media released the first three books of their Gospel Time Trekkers series, and I was blessed enough to review them. Early this year, the final three volumes have been released. For those who forgot the plot of these books, they revolved around three siblings (Caleb, Hannah, and Noah) who are sometimes graced with the opportunity to travel back in time to Jesus' day. So far they have been to Bethlehem, Cana, and Gennesaret. Let's find out where they go in the next three.

Mystery of the Missing Jars is the 4th book in the Gospel Time Trekkers series, and the first one that involves a mystery. This particular volume takes place in Capernaum, where our three protagonists (Caleb, Hannah, and Noah) meet a girl named Sarah who is the daughter of Jairus. This is a reference to the miracle Jesus performed of resurrecting Jairus' daughter. Jairus in addition to being a synagogue official is a potter. Unfortunately, someone has stolen some of his precious pottery, and they must find out who before Caleb is completely blamed. Read the book to find out who did it.

There are many things I liked about this book, primarily that the mystery added a genre expansion to this kid's adventure series. I also enjoyed the fact that it teaches kids how scales, weights, and balance worked. In addition to learning this, your children also learn a little bit about clay and pottery. This 70+ page book is a great price and a great read for your young reader. 5 stars.

Courageous Quest adds a new twist to the Gospel Time Trekkers series. While helping their mom babysit a little boy named Garrett, the three children (Caleb, Hannah, and Noah) are transported back into Jesus' time. Remarkably, Garrett is transported as well. This time they are back in the town of Jericho. Like the other books, they are looking for Jesus, who is unfortunately in Jerusalem. They want to travel to look for him, but they can't because robbers roam the roads making them unsafe, and the trip would be too long for Garrett.

In true stubborn-kid fashion, one of them makes a poor decision and decides to venture out on his own. To find out which one and the consequences, you'll have to buy the book. Amidst the peril and danger in this book, your children will learn about two other Biblical figures who encountered Jesus. One of them is Bartimaeus, and the other is Zacchaeus. With Bartimaeus' restored sight, and Zacchaeus' tree-climbing ability, they make the perfect team to help locate the sibling who ran away.

Discovery at Dawn is the 6th and final volume of the Gospel Time Trekker series. It is hands down my favorite of the six too! In this book, our three protagonists (Caleb, Hannah, and Noah) make it to Jerusalem. They remember that this is where Jesus was last time they time-travelled, and hope that He is still there. What they don't realize though is that Jesus has just been crucified. They learn this sad news from none other than Jesus' apostles. However, all hope is not lost.

SPOILER ALERT: The title will tell you what happens, but I will go ahead and spell it out. The children are present when Mary Magdalene sees the resurrected Jesus. After sending Mary Magdalene to go tell the Apostles, Jesus addresses the children by name and gives them a mission to go tell people His message. They are then transported back to their own time. END SPOILER

After this, the children think back on their many adventures. They also finally figure out the secret to how and why they were able to time travel. That you will have to buy the book to find out though. Unfortunately, in discovering the secret, they fear it has closed off the possibility of future time-travel adventures. There are hints that there may be different kinds of adventures in the future, and I hope that the author, Sr. Maria Grace Dateno, will do a followup-series geared at kids 10+. This book like the other 5 volumes in the Gospel Time Trekkers series, deserves 5 stars.

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