Monday, February 3, 2014

Three Gifts of Thérèse Lisieux (Image)

Today, I am reviewing the book Three Gifts of Thérèse Lisieux. I generally try to make my reviews comprehensive and rich with detail, but that seems a bit counterintuitive given the book and, more importantly, the saint. So please enjoy my brief review, and if you have Twitter be sure to find out about and participate in the Day of the Little Way by reading here!

Three Gifts of Thérèse Lisieux is a brief book written by Bishop Patrick Ahern in which he shares the impact St. Thérèse had on his life and the lives of others through her "three gifts." These gifts are her universal appeal; her conviction; and most importantly, her Little Way. At the beginning of each of his three sections, Bishop Ahern gives a brief description of his life and how each of St. Thérèse's gifts shaped him and his vocation. Using St. Thérèse's personal correspondence and quotations from her Little Way, Bishop Ahern then uses the subsequent chapters in each section to describe the impact of her gifts on the people in her life, mainly family members and members of her religious community.

The most meaningful section for me was "The Gift of Thérèse's Little Way." I know only the very basics of the Little Way, and this section helped to shed a little more light on the discipline for me. I, like many, will never be able to live a strict life of asceticism. However, reading about the Little Way, I now know that such asceticism is not necessary in order to obtain holiness and closer union with God. Reading this book has made me want to adopt her Little Way, as well as read other books about her life, such as Maurice and Thérèse (also by Bishop Ahern) and her autobiography The Story of a Soul. If you are looking for a good introduction to St. Thérèse and her spirituality, pick up this 5 star book!

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